Where to stay

We recommend that you stay at one of the following three properties because they are on the same beach (Rendezvous Bay - see West side map below) as the wedding and the wedding party:

Anguilla Great House- closest to wedding location but older and more worn

CuisinArt- location of the wedding

Rendezvous Bay Hotel - where the wedding party will be staying

* We're thinking of getting a villa at Rendezvous Bay Hotel. We will book this only if enough people are interested, so please let us know if you want to stay with all the other guests in a villa.

If you do not want to stay on Rendezvous Bay, we recommend you stay at one of the following properties on Shoal Bay East, reputed to be the best beach in the Caribbean, and a good place for snorkeling. It is about 20 minutes from Rendezvous Bay. Shoal Bay is the location of many affordable beach eateries.  (see East side map below)




Shoal Bay Villas



West side East side

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If you would like to explore other lodging options, feel free to contact a travel agent or check out one of the following websites to do more research.







Things to consider:

Do you need air conditioning or will a ceiling fan be fine?

Do you need a TV in your room?

Do you want to be on the beach or close to the beach?

*Due to the low expected numbers of rooms, we are unable to get group rates at any of the lodging options on the island.