How we met
The summer of 2000 was a time when techno music reigned, "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" made its debut in Asia, and everyone was celebrating the new millennium. Jerry was celebrating his college graduation by visiting China and Taiwan. Judy was getting away from MIT by vacationing in Taiwan. Both were participants in a 6 week study tour. One of the events included a performance of American culture by the study tour participants. Despite having no rhythm and no ability to dance, Judy got roped by her roommate into the trance routine. It was at the practices for the routine that Judy and Jerry met. During the rest of the 6 week tour and for a couple of weeks after in Taipei, the two would occasionally hang out together with the same group of people. After returning to the States, they visited a few times and talked often until they realized that they liked each other enough to initiate a real relationship.