Our engagement story
November  09, 2003.

After days of intense work training on Cape Cod, Judy was going home. On the bus ride from Cape Cod to Boston, Judy received a mysterious call from Jerry, asking her to go to the skywalk (top) of the Prudential tower. The request was quite out of the ordinary, stirring up suspicions in Judy's mind, but she still obeyed. When she arrived at the skywalk, she found Jerry there, waiting for her. He had flown in that morning from Dallas. After waiting a few moments for the gawking children to scram, Jerry told Judy that he wanted a view of Boston and MIT as a reminder of the past 3 years together. He couldn't imagine his life without her in it. Jerry then got down on one knee and pulled a beautiful cherry wood box out of his pocket. Inside was a gorgeous sparkling solitaire diamond ring. Jerry asked the requisite "will you marry me?" to which Judy responded in the affirmative. And thus, they were engaged.